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This might happen within a same public university, as Macintyre holds, but also among universities that adhere to different worldviews within a wider community of research and education.

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You have come to make what you hear your own, by putting out your hand, as it were, to grasp it and to appropriate it. But Newman stresses that faith and theology can keep a central role in university education only if we appreciate them as true knowledge of reality and not as mere expression of emotions.

Principles are abstract and general, doctrines relate to facts; doctrines develope, and principles at first sight do not; doctrines grow and are enlarged, principles are permanent; doctrines are intellectual, and principles are more immediately ethical and practical.

No one, who has had experience of men of studious habits, but must recognize the existence of a parallel phenomenon in the case of those who have over-stimulated the Memory.

I admit I have not been in Parliament, any more than I have figured in the beau monde; yet I cannot but think that statesmanship, as well as high breeding, is learned, not by books, but in certain centres of education.

The Scriptures indeed were at hand for the study of those who could avail themselves of them; but St. It is the place where the professor becomes eloquent, and is a missionary and a preacher, displaying his science in its most complete and most winning form, pouring it forth with the zeal of enthusiasm, and lighting up his own love of it in the breasts of his hearers. Men, whose minds are possessed with some one object, take exaggerated views of its importance, are feverish in the pursuit of it, make it the measure of things which are utterly foreign to it, and are startled and despond if it happens to fail them. That indeed can it teach at all, if it does not teach something particular? However, I need not account for a fact, to which it is sufficient to appeal; that the Houses of Parliament and the atmosphere around them are a sort of University of politics. It was left to Newman, whom they had invited to become the first rector of their new university, to provide an answer to their question in the lectures he delivered in Dublin, at the invitation of the bishops, in You do not come merely to hear a lecture, or to read a book, but you come for that catechetical instruction, which consists in sort of conversation between your lecturer and you. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck? However, real apprehension has the precedence, as being the scope and end and the test of notional; and the fuller is the mind's hold upon things or what it considers such, the more fertile is it in its aspects of them, and the more practical in its definitions. The very nature of the case leads us to say so; you cannot fence without an antagonist, nor challenge all comers in disputation before you have supported a thesis; and in like manner, it stands to reason, you cannot learn to converse till you have the world to converse with; you cannot unlearn your natural bashfulness, or awkwardness, or stiffness, or other besetting deformity, till you serve your time in some school of manners. It happens then that sometimes we can recognize that what was always the content of our implicit faith and the core of our implicit worldview principles is better shown by a new explicit worldview doctrine to which we finally adhere. You have come, not merely to be taught, but to learn. In fact he finds this kind of intellectual attitude in the Fathers of the Church and particularly in Augustine whom has studied all along his life. The more sacred doctrines of Revelation were not committed to books but passed on by successive tradition.

In the first pages of the Idea of a University he writes that University is a place of teaching universal knowledge. These may be antiquarians, annalists, naturalists; they may be learned in the law; they may be versed in statistics; they are most useful in their own place; I should shrink from speaking disrespectfully of them; still, there is noting in such attainments to guarantee the absence of narrowness of mind.

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