An analysis of the concept of war in the united states of america and the weapons of mass destructio

As part of their campaign against the status quo, which included the clear threat of the eventual use of military force against the Iraqi regime, the U.

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Bentley is careful not to overreach by suggesting that the open-ended nature of the WMD concept completely removes the importance of convention. Foreign Policy Elites. It shows the varied methods Iraq used in trying to produce nuclear material suitable for a weapon as well as the large number of sites involved in the nuclear program.

The study found that journalism's tendency to prioritize breaking-news stories and its "inverted pyramid" style of storytelling gave greater weight to the administration's point of view on WMD issues at the expense of alternative perspectives and interpretations.

Security Council.

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During that period the Bush administration, as well as the Tony Blair administration in the United Kingdom, charged that Iraq was not living up to the requirement that it fully disclose its WMD activities, and declared that if it continued along that path, "serious consequences" - that is, invasion - should follow.

The quality of the intelligence analysis has also come under scrutiny.

Weapons of mass destruction in iraq

Poor coverage of WMD resulted less from outright political bias on the part of journalists, editors and producers than from the journalistic convention of always leading stories with the most "recent" and most "important" information as enunciated by the most "important" players. Relying on extensive examination of archival records she is demonstrates not only how the usage and definition of WMD has shifted but also how, within these earlier periods, the open-ended nature of the concept permitted actors to manipulate the term depending on their motivations. It charges, inter alia, that "Iraq is believed to be developing ballistic missiles with a range greater than kilometers - as prohibited by UN Security Council Resolution " and "Iraq has stepped up its quest for nuclear weapons and has embarked on a worldwide hunt for materials to make an atomic bomb. Instead, they, along with other allies, launched Operation Iraqi Freedom on March 19, - a military campaign that quickly brought about the end of Saddam Hussein's regime and ultimately resulted in his capture. Other parts of the document concern the history of UN weapons inspections and "Iraq under Saddam Hussein. With respect to weapons of mass destruction, the analysis briefly discusses Iraqi attitudes toward chemical and nuclear weapons. The US and UK media covered in the study tended to reiterate the Bush administration's formulation of the "War on Terror" and its assertions that a core objective of the "War" was to prevent WMD from falling into the hands of terrorist groups. It contains a selected portion of intercepts concerning and a satellite image pertaining to Iraq's hiding of evidence, charges that Iraq is muzzling its scientists and specifications of how that is being done, the assertion that Iraq is still seeking nuclear weapons with reference to intercepted aluminum tubes , and the charge that Iraq is harboring terrorists, including Al-Qaida representatives. Iraq's ballistic missile program was "the most advanced in the Arab world," the report also concluded.

These reporters demonstrated a consistently high level of analysis and skepticism in their coverage of WMD events and issues. Source: CIA Electronic Reading Room, released under the Freedom of Information Act This information report states that in the fall ofSaddam Hussein ordered that plans be drawn up for the airborne delivery of an unspecified biological agent.

And little mention was made of the fact that the September 11 attacks were carried out with box cutters. With respect to weapons of mass destruction, the analysis briefly discusses Iraqi attitudes toward chemical and nuclear weapons.

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In addition, many of the components for the 1,mm. Strategic manipulation by political actors to achieve their goals is possible because of the lack of precise conceptual boundaries. The key part of his paper, however, deals with the extent of Iraqi cooperation - with regard to both substance and process. They understood that evaluating a country's WMD status with incomplete data was not merely an intelligence problem, but a political issue. While the argument was ultimately persuasive to the jury, certainly due in part to the specific context of the case, the episode reveals the interplay between convention and discursive needs. In July , after initial denials, Iraq acknowledged the project. These reporters identified the limitations and probable skew of stories when the main sources were anonymous. Despite an increasing presence in U. In October , Project Babylon components were destroyed under U. They include a variety of satellite photographs from commercial as well as a intelligence satellites , tables, and charts that concern Iraq's assorted programs and select facilities for example, the Abu Ghurayb BW Facility. This paper completed a month prior to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait noted that "Iraq has the most aggressive and advanced ballistic missile development program in the Arab world" and that it already had two modified versions of the Scud B - the Al Husayn and Al Abbas.

According to the letter, Iraq "for now appears to be drawing a line short of conducting terrorist attacks with conventional or Security Council Resolution

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Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction