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In addition to forming caring relationships with each student, the best teachers foster healthy and mutually respectful relationships between the students. In my district in the last five years, we have had seventeen new initiatives.

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They also help to evaluate the capability of students to advice their parents on the requirements of each child. Students will be more attracted to the lessons if they play games, work in groups, sing songs,…Secondly, a good teacher gives challenges to their students.

These characteristics show what makes a person to be termed as a good teacher. However, as an undergraduate, I hope to also bring these characteristics along with me when I student observe and when it comes time for me to student teach.

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Be good evaluator. Teachers are people who help to pass knowledge to other people.

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Empathy is the ability to see something from their perspective. Essay Categories:. Be focused. These roles, otherwise known as characteristics, are the foundation behind my educational philosophy. The best teachers have high expectations for all of their students. This doesn't mean they hold all students to the same high standard, but instead that they know what each student is capable of individually and strive to help each one attain their personal best. In my classroom, I have a co-teacher three periods a day. There are various characteristics of good teachers. In my classroom I have several plastic drawers that are clearly marked with the classperiods. This means that the students are involved in the evaluation of teaching during the course and after it has been completed. This allows students to recognize the joy in teaching. Therefore we will have a good time learning and make a lot of progress because we are not afraid to make mistakes; we can take chances to learn lots of new things. Be good evaluator.
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Qualities Of A Good Teacher Essay