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Impact of organizational learning on organizational performance

Strategic learning Through strategic learning, the firm is able to substantially evaluate many aspects in its activities. As a result, there are two vital aspects that emanate from organization learning; the first one is that, even though there have been numerous debates concerning learning organizations, it has been increasingly difficult to effectively recognize real-life examples Vince and Saleem, Frequently, such discussions focus on lofty philosophy, impressive schemes, and extensive metaphors instead of determined practice details. References Argyris, C. How We Can Learn Collectively. London: McGraw-Hill. On the other hand, Van suggested that the learning organization entails the capacity or rather various processes within an organization that often preserve and advance performance on the basis of experiences. Generally, there is a significant measure of the agreement especially on various pre-conditions that often makes learning in organizations feasible and possible even if various scholars have divergent views concerning organizational traits.

There are no essential grounds that should make these basic components to be in sync. It is also crucial in understanding how organizational learning operates.

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Senge et al interpreted the learning organization as the knowledge development that organization members hold, that is, having been established as knowledge that has the capability to enhance activities in organizations, hence encouraging transformation in various activities.

Nonetheless, there are various considerable risks of having dialogue in the organization. This topic essentially touches on the aspect of knowledge management in organizations and the critical stages in the learning.

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Senge was the first scholar to promote its definition. Garvin concurs that until now, there have been various learning matters perspectives compared to empirical studies on the way managers ought to build learning potential.

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According to Schofieldthere are five characteristic features of a learning organization. Such organizational learning level has been effectively characterized in many definitions Vince and Saleem, Evaluative Inquiry for Learning in Organizations.

Learning organization paper

Several questions seem to have been raised concerning whether or not the visions of various organizations can be actualized within the existing dynamic prevailing within, as well as between, organizations, particularly in countries that exhibit capitalism in their economy. Single and double loop learning aspects Scholars have significantly evaluated learning responses in connection with specific stimuli that have been a central focus of the learning organization. Many scholars have acknowledged that dialogue is also crucial to various aspects in organization learning; for instance, learning to build a common vision. After him, various practitioners have published books and articles on the subject of the learning organization. Such organizational learning level has been effectively characterized in many definitions Vince and Saleem, To a large extent, this aspect is evaluated through various systems in the organizations, and many scholars contend that the aspect of the learning organization is substantially enhanced by organizational culture. Consequently, the learning organization is often construed to be an ideal which can be utilized by organizations as they evolve in order to effectively respond to the numerous pressures they often face Schofield, Pace, R.

Generally, scholars have noted that organizational learning study is a complex undertaking; however, the focus of most studies seems to be constrained by experience search aspect and struggling to focus and employ knowledge in order to advance performance in organizations.

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