Methods and policies to enhance teaching

Observe and encourage. Integrating technology into a course curriculum when appropriate is proving to be valuable for enhancing and extending the learning experience for faculty and students.

School policies relating to teaching and learning

Help students understand what higher-order thinking is. Teach QARs Question-Answer-Relationships, or QARs, teach students to label the type of question that is being asked, then use that information to help them formulate an answer. Organize your points for clarity 5. Instructor concern helps students get through rough times and keep on working. Ask students to discuss key concepts with other students whose backgrounds and viewpoints are different from their own. Used in conjunction with active learning teaching strategies, the traditional lecture can be an effective way to achieve instructional goals. Take time to observe each teacher by sitting down in her classroom and really listening and watching. Sessions can include learning about new educational technologies, online safety training, advice on how to use your teaching assistant s and much more. Obviously, teaching strategies should be carefully matched to the teaching objectives of a particular lesson. By doing this you are teaching them to connect what they already know with what they are learning.

The following recommendations can help make the lecture approach more effective Cashin, : 1. Sources Cited: Angelo, T. The following principles are anchored in extensive research about teaching, learning, and the college experience.

Treat students as human beings with full real lives; ask how they are doing. Give teachers time to observe each other.

what does teaching to enhance development and learning mean

Other faculty find it helpful to have students list critical points or emerging issues, or generate a set of questions stemming from the assigned reading s.

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Teaching Strategies