The perceived effect of studying in

Journal of Retailing, 76 2— Overall, these findings suggest a need to enhance supportive environment and activities of engagement for students to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Audience involvement in advertising: Four levels.

The process of subscale derivation entailed team discussions and consensus. Perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty of TV travel product shopping: Involvement as a moderator.

student perception of learning

The researcher developed the section, and the common students stressors were gathered from literature review. The age range was wide in our study and we found significant association of younger age 25 and below with anxiety which might be an indication of the uncertainty younger students feel and experience about their studies and their future compared to older students who might be enrolled for continuing-education after establishing themselves in a career.

An empirical study of factors affecting accounting students' career choice in New Zealand.

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Greenery in the university environment: Students’ preferences and perceived restoration likelihood